10 Companies That Are Changing Digital Marketing

Companies That Are Changing Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing is a lot like traveling. To get to your destination, you have to choose the best or fastest route possible. In the same manner, the digital marketing landscape is a very dynamic one, where there are many twists and turns you have to deal with.

Despite this, some companies seem to have done a good job adjusting to the changing trends in digital marketing to help their business stay afloat. In marketing speak, this is called position zero, where businesses are ranked on top of everyone else in the search engine results page.

Here’s what we found about 10 companies that are rocking it with their digital marketing campaigns.

1. Airbnb

User-generated content can be valuable for businesses who are looking to attract new customers, as is the case with Airbnb. The brand’s social channels are replete with instagrammable images and videos of popular communities, cities, or properties that get booked on the platform.

Airbnb also serves as a travel site as it features a lot of informative content, such as travel guides and tips, to keep users engaged on the site or app, which incidentally is also getting rave reviews for good UX.

2. Dove

There’s a unique kind of charm and energy behind Dove’s digital marketing campaigns, which are especially captivating for women consumers. Dove makes it clear in its content that its brand supports every girl’s journey toward beauty as well as other important and positive values, such as women empowerment, self-esteem, freedom of expression, friendships, and health.

3. Netflix

Netflix’s killer digital strategy is simple but effective: understanding consumers’ viewing patterns and designing its service around those behaviors. This meant that Netflix had to be ready to directly stream to households their favorite movies and TV shows, some of which are exclusive to Netflix users. This proved to be helpful in quashing the fear of missing out phenomenon among social savvy users. Speaking of social media, the team over at Netflix was also successful in getting people to talk about the brand and its campaigns.

4. Domino’s

Domino’s has made pizza ordering exceptionally fast and convenient across channels. DOM the Pizza Bot is available on Facebook Messenger and can be launched on the Amazon Echo to accept orders from customers.

By investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Domino’s is paving way for a fun and seamless online experience for its customers. The brand has also built a strong presence on social media by initiating out-of-the-box marketing ideas and campaigns that keep its followers engaged.

5. Nike

Nike demonstrates how embracing digital technologies has helped grow its global brand further. The athletic shoe and apparel manufacturing giant uses social channels effectively to drive consumer awareness about product launches and community-based initiatives as well as implement experiential marketing campaigns.

Nike has also devoted time in making its e-commerce website more responsive for customers, focusing on improvements that prompt online shoppers to click on a product and buy it.


Furniture retail company IKEA has adopted augmented reality tech to provide a higher level of user experience to its customers. IKEA’s mobile app makes it possible for home owners to scan its gallery of furniture pieces and place true-to-scale, 3D images of their chosen furniture on their phone’s home background.

Meanwhile, IKEA’s content marketing strategy centers on the theme of sustainability, making the company a socially relevant brand.

7. Yelp

Yelp’s community of members gives reviews of restaurants, car shops, salons, health care providers, and other service-oriented businesses that are available in local areas, making it the go-to review site of people looking for the best place to go.

It’s a strategy that has helped Yelp gain a 94 domain authority (DA) score as a local search service, as millions of people go to the Yelp website for recommendations from reviewers. Over time, Yelp has established itself as a trustworthy brand for people who use the service and for businesses that buy into the program.

8. Slack

Slack’s success lies in its excellent brand of customer service and social marketing. To make sure that users receive timely response to their concerns, Slack uses every available tool on social media to complement its help desk support.

As such, Slack’s feed on Twitter offers short but relevant tips to help improve the user experience of people and organizations on the platform.

9. Mastercard

Mastercard has built a name for itself not just as a pioneer in financial services but also as a marketing genius. To stand out in the digital marketing space, Mastercard cooks up fresh and innovative ideas to bring its products on customers’ top of mind.

Specifically, Mastercard’s strategy involves looking for trending topics across the web and then creating relevant, timely, and engaging content while promoting its brand and ideals in a subtle fashion.

10. Uniqlo

From the very beginning, Uniqlo was clear about what it wanted: to establish its brand not just as a fashion company but a technology company as well. More than this, Uniqlo also knew that using digital channels—such as website, social, and email—can give them various opportunities to communicate its brand story to consumers through meaningful conversations and interactions with them.

Doing Digital Marketing Right

Just like the companies in this list, you can be successful in digital marketing by tailoring your strategies to your target market and by integrating up-and-coming technologies into the mix. If you haven’t yet fully switched to modern marketing, it’s never too late for your company to go digital and get in the game.

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