4 Ways To Reach Your Audience Through Mobile Marketing

4 Ways To Reach Your Audience Through Mobile Marketing
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Mobile use is at an all-time high, with over 5 billion people owning and using a mobile device. With the world continuously turning digital, there’s a need for people to stay connected. People bring their devices everywhere and use them to gain information, communicate with their loved ones, and entertain themselves during down-time. 

Simply put, nowadays, mobile devices play a significant role in how people go about their daily lives.

When it comes to the digital marketing space, businesses that can reach their audience more efficiently will always stay a step ahead of the competition. As marketers, it’s imperative to recognize the number of benefits and opportunities that mobile devices can bring to your brand.  

In the process of creating your campaigns, keeping mobile in mind will enhance the efficiency of your marketing efforts and allow you to scale your business with ease. Here are some ways you can reach your audience through mobile marketing.

1. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and optimized

Now that people are living a fast-paced lifestyle, they don’t have the patience for sites that aren’t optimized for their devices. In fact, 57% of consumers won’t even recommend your business if your site has a poor mobile design. 

When creating your landing pages, you need to consider how well it will appear and function across multiple devices and platforms. To address this issue, you must do the following:

1. Make use of responsive design
2. Regularly conduct testing

Instead of producing a separate site for mobile, you can use responsive design to let it adapt to the device being used. By automatically adjusting design elements to fit the screen of your visitors, you can pave the way for a pleasant browsing experience. 

Creating a website is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Once your site has been established, you need to regularly do tests to know which areas of your site require improvement. As an effective method for landing page optimization, A/B testing can help you figure out which areas of your website can be improved to enhance your conversion rate. 

2. Keep mobile in mind when you’re creating content

Content marketing is a great way to boost your brand visibility. When you’re creating a 3000-word blog post, it’s easy to forget that mobile users are on-the-go. Regardless if they’re waiting for someone or while on a commute home, they won’t have an easy time digesting tons of information through a small screen.

To allow your readers to skim, you need to change the way you structure your content. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t blog about complex topics; instead, you just have to change the way they’re produced. Using white space, compelling subheadings, and bullet points are some simple and easy ways you can make your content scannable. 

People want information and they want it fast. Always go straight to the point when creating your content. Regardless of what device your visitors may be using, concise and persuasive writing will always be the best approach you can take. You can even incorporate visuals such as infographics, photos, and videos to condense complex bits of information.  

Here’s a pro tip: When brainstorming for topics, think about the kind of content that mobile users would read. Would they want to read fast articles that cite the pros and cons? How about a few reasons they should partner with your business?

3. Use SMS to widen your reach

SMS marketing gives you a direct and intimate way to connect with your customers. Compared to email that people check routinely, people have the urge to open the texts they receive immediately.  Due to this behavior, SMS boasts an average open rate of 90%, which is a lot higher than the 20% open rate of emails.  

Once you’ve established a solid customer database, grab the opportunity to enhance your sales by informing your leads of discounts, promos, and offers through SMS

However, you shouldn’t limit your messaging campaigns to texting alone. Now that conversational chatbots such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Kik have entered the picture, it is now easier for marketers to automate messaging tasks, giving you more opportunities to learn more about your audience.  

4. Consider Creating Your Own App

Creating your own app may seem like expensive and labor-intensive, but if done right, it can prove to be a worthy investment.

People browsing through their mobile devices spend 90% of their time on apps. Apps have been used to improve services, retain customers, and disseminate information in a way that a regular website cannot. Other than giving you the chance to provide better service, it can also help you establish a better relationship with your audience. 

Once a user downloads your app, you can use features such as push notifications to your advantage. Utilizing it will allow you to promote offers, convince leads to make more transactions, and even improve your overall brand visibility. 

If your business is in retail, having your app in your target audience’s phones means that you can constantly remind them of your presence. When they’re suddenly in the mood to purchase, you’ll be just a few screen taps away.

Final Takeaways

Technology continues to change the way businesses and marketers operate.  Due to the opportunities it provides, companies across various industries are given the privilege to acquire customer data, drive leads, and enhance their conversion rate.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, mobile strategies take advantage of the fact that users carry their mobile devices with them 24/7. With over 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, incorporating mobile into all your marketing campaigns is an absolute must. Drive your business forward by following these tips.

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