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Managing your Google Ads can get complicated and tedious. Ease your workload and let our digital marketing experts take it from here. We’ll make sure that your campaign runs smoothly and delivers significant results.

Acquiring Conversions Has

Never Been This Easy

Google Ads is a service that allows advertisers to show sponsored links in Google’s search results. When managed properly, it will allow you to cover a larger audience base and give your campaign material more mileage across the web. Gain more exposure, acquire better leads, and attain higher conversion rates.

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Managing Your Campaigns
with Care

Now that more businesses are starting to go digital, the battle for conversions is going to get tougher. With the countless number of opportunities that Google Ads provide, boosting your brand’s growth has never been this easy.

Here are the reasons why your business

needs Google Ads Services.

Works faster than SEO

While it takes some time to see considerable SEO effects, Google Ads will appear once our campaign goes live, delivering instant results.

Measurable and Flexible

Google Ads is one of the best resources to know what’s working and what’s not since it conveniently comes with metrics, which help you adjust your campaign accordingly.

Control on advertising costs

You can set your own budget and tweak it depending on your needs, giving you control over the amount of your spend and the way you spend it.

Reach targets with better accuracy

You set the rules in your campaign. You decide which keywords to target, what demographics to prioritize, what time your ad will be displayed, and other related elements.

Let the Experts Take Charge

As one of the most effective marketing tools available today, business owners and like-minded entrepreneurs have continuously emphasized the importance of Google Ads for the development of their business.

With the demands and changes of the ever-evolving market, utilizing it is a must if you want your business to stay competitive.

Fueled by data and metrics, we’ll develop tailor-fit strategies to make sure that your business will achieve its long- and short-term goals.

With our team of passionate individuals, rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Fast Facts About Lead Generation

To show you why Google Ads is a great investment, here are some interesting facts about the service.

  • • Google Display Ads can reach 80–90% of casual internet users from across the globe (Expanded Ramblings)
  • • Google Search Ads can increase brand visibility by up to 80% (Google)
  • • Google takes up around 97% of the world’s digital ad revenue (Investopedia)
  • • 86% of consumers use Google to find a local business (Main Street ROI)
  • • Around 300,000–600,000 mobile apps are currently serving Google Mobile Ads (Protocol 80) (Expanded Ramblings)
  • • The insurance and finance industry boasts the best AdWords conversion rate of 7.19% (Search Engine Land)
  • • 72% of businesses that use Google Ads are constantly increasing their PPC budgets (Search Engine Watch)
  • • Visitors that arrived through a Pay-Per-Click campaign are 50% more likely to make a transaction as compared to an organic visitor (Unbounce)
  • • Display advertising can improve website traffic by as much as 300% (Visually)
  • • 33% of Google search clicks are generated through mobile (White Shark Media)
  • • There are over 1.2 million unique businesses advertising themselves through the Google Search Network (Wishpond)
  • • YouTube, which is a part of Google’s online display network, has a monthly viewership of approximately 10 Super Bowl Audiences (Wishpond)
  • • As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon reportedly invested around $55.2 million on Google Ads back in 2011 (WordStream)
  • • On average, a business has a return of 2$ for every 1$ they invest in Google Ads (WordStream)

• The Google Display Network acquires 180 billion impressions each month, equating to around 6 billion views on a daily basis (WordStream)

Google Ads Tools

In order to maximize the businesses of our partners, we’ve tried and tested various tools
to consistently provide high-quality Google Ads services.

These tools have done wonders for our previous clients. Paired with the best tactics
and practices of today, enhancing your conversion rate can be done seamlessly.


This tool shows us how well your competitors are performing and why they’re able to acquire those results. Its tracking feature helps us discover how they’re able to rank for keywords, how many links they’ve built, and which channels are giving them the most amount of organic traffic.

Answer the Public

Simple yet effective, this free keyword research tool helps us figure out which questions your leads might ask when they’re making a search. After typing in the keyword/phrase to be used, Answer the Public returns them in the form of questions.

Google Ads Keyword Tool

For better ad mileage, Google Ads Keyword tool lets us discover which keywords/phrases can drive the most traffic to your site. It measures performance and trends— two essential factors that help us make adjustments to your Google Ads strategy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows us to create data-fueled strategies. This tool provides metrics on campaign performance, audience demographics, and lead conversions. Thanks to its traffic tracker tool, analyzing data and optimizing your campaign can be done easily. 

Google Trends

Primarily developed to help searchers discover trending topics and products, Google trends can also provide marketers insight when testing out keywords. This tool shows us how often a keyword/keyphrase has been searched over a specific period of time. By comparing product queries, we figure out which keywords currently deliver the best results.


Through heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys, Hotjar helps us decipher the behavioral patterns of our clients’ site visitors. By understanding how they interact with different areas of your page, we can improve their browsing experiences and increase the chance for conversion. 


SEMRush is an essential tool for all marketers. By providing accurate competitor research data, it tells us how your business stacks up against other brands in your industry. In addition, by finding out what keywords your competitors use, what sites link to their content, and what their overall domain authority is, we are able to improve your strategy and organic visibility.


Soolve provides insight on how search queries differ per engine. Operating the same way as Google’s autocomplete feature, this tool gives us the best search suggestions from a variety of platforms. Just to name a few, this PPC tool can also help you find out positive and negative keywords for search engines such as YouTube and Bing.


This PPC tool helps us organize your keyword campaigns. With its ability to save, filter, and find keywords, we gain insight on competitor data as well as identifying hindrances and strong points on your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some things in mind that you want to clear up?
Take a look at the list below to view the questions we frequently get.

How do Google Ads work?
Google gives you the opportunity to market your brand when people are performing a search. It allows you to target the right people, at the right place and time. Here’s a step by step guide on how it works:

  1.      1. Just like any campaign, you have to start with a goal in mind. Do you want to drive more leads to your site? Boost your overall sales?
  1.      2. Once you’ve established a clear objective, you can now select the area where your ad will be seen. It can cover a small area that surrounds your business or go as big and display your ads across the country.
  1.      3. Now that you know your targets, start producing your ads and set your budget capacity.

Once approved, your assets will be displayed whenever users in your selected area make a search for a product or service that’s relatively similar to yours.

How much should my campaign cost?
Once your ads have been placed, you’ll only be charged once a user clicks through and interacts with it. At the same time, there is no minimum spending requirement and you have the power to stop your campaign at any time you please. With these factors in mind, Google ads are flexible and can work with almost any budget.

What are the different kinds of ads I should know about?
There are 3 kinds of Google Ads:

  1.      1. Search Network Campaigns – Usually in text form, these ads will appear on Google’s Search Results Pages whenever someone searches for a product or service that is similar to yours.
  2.      2. Display Network Campaigns – Commonly seen in the form of an image, these ads are placed on websites and apps that your target audience visits.
  3.      3. Video Campaigns – These ads run before or in the middle of a YouTube video. On average, these ads should last between 6 to 15 seconds.


Why do I need the help of your agency? Can’t I just manage my ads on my own?
Being in control of everything and having your own in-house team is definitely a good choice. But, if you’re experiencing any of the following, then acquiring the services of a credible agency should give you the best solutions at affordable rates:

1.Your employees have too many tasks on hand.
2. Your business lacks the budget, equipment, and other necessary resources to absorb a team of credible individuals.
3. Google Ads is NOT one of your company’s core competencies

Google Ads are constantly evolving and our track record will speak for itself. Given the complexity of the field, acquiring the aid of our specialists will prevent you from wasting your money on ineffective campaigns. Other than making the most out of your marketing budget, you also can save more time and give your full attention to more important business matters.

How is this different from Search Engine Optimization?
SEO plays a crucial part in driving leads to your site; however, it will take some time before you start seeing significant results. But Google Ads is quicker to set up and has the ability to drive traffic at a faster pace. Even though these two have some notable differences, both of them have the same goal of increasing brand visibility.

When paired together, you’ll be able to target your ads accurately while establishing your online presence.

How will you set up my campaign?
Just like any marketing method, there’s a right way to do your Google Ads campaign.

  1. 1. We’ll track your goals as a business and develop a better understanding of your products and services.
  2. 2. We’ll conduct keyword research and start to structure your campaign.
  3. 3. Once those have been established, we’ll create the necessary assets and display them accordingly.
  4. 4. Constant monitoring will be done, and we’ll provide periodical reports to let you know how your investment is doing. From there, we can decide if we need to make any significant changes or continue capitalizing on the strengths of your campaign.

I have a running campaign but why can’t I see it anywhere? Am I just wasting my money?
Your campaign can be influenced by a number of things that are within and beyond your control. The keywords you prefer may be too competitive, your budget may not be big enough to reach a larger audience, or your bids may be set too low. As long as you partner with a credible agency, you won’t have to worry about these things.

Why do I need to continuously optimize my campaign?
Advertising isn’t a one-and-done thing. The digital marketing space isn’t static, and changes will occur on a regular basis. 

Acquiring the aid of specialists will allow your business to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the discipline. By conducting keyword research, creating ad copy that resonate with your target market, and tweaking your strategies constantly, you can attain better returns on your Google Ads investment.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

We make it a point to learn from the experiences of others.
Here are three common mistakes that Google Ads marketers make.

Not using the right keyword matches
There are three types of keyword categories that every Google Ads user should be aware of: 
   1. Broad match – This keyword option allows your ad to be seen by a large number of users.
   2. Phrase match – Phrase match is a keyword setting that will only show your ads to people who  have typed in the exact phrase of your chosen keywords. Other terms may be incorporated before or after the keyphrase, but your products will still appear in the results page as long as the keyphrase is typed in the intended order.
   3. Exact match –  Exact match keywords will reach users that have typed the exact keyword that you’ve set. Commonly in the form of a question, this keyword type targets a more specific audience. Exact matches may not cover a wide range, but have better conversion rates when compared to broad and phrase match.

Knowing how to use the different keyword match types is a key element in a productive campaign. If you don’t change the match types of the keywords you’re using, they will automatically be set as a broad match.

Broad matches can give you a wider reach, but note that this kind of keyword match prioritizes quantity over quality. It may cause you to spend money uselessly by attracting unspecified leads to click through your ads even though they have no intention to make a purchase.

By being more specific and using different kinds of keywords settings, you can attract better visitors who are ready to do business with you. This will give you more opportunities for conversions and can significantly improve your ROI.

Little to no use of ad extensions
You may be appearing on the search engine’s results page, but this doesn’t guarantee a click. One reason people encounter this roadblock is that they fail to use ad extensions.

An ad extension can work as a call-to-action button (CTA) or as an avenue to provide more information about your product or service.

Links that are poorly written with ad extension copies will always do better than links that don’t use of it all. By sharing your contact number, reviews you’ve acquired, and even your brand’s tagline, this simple element can help you encourage desired actions without sounding too pushy.

Getting complacent with testing
After you’ve set up your account, you may think that the next thing you have to do is to just sit back and let your keywords do the heavy lifting. The digital marketing landscape is very competitive, and you can easily lose your edge if you don’t monitor, analyze, and optimize.

Google Ads can provide an endless amount of advertising options. From customizing your targeting capabilities, and bidding strategies, to keyword matches, you can experiment with different combinations to find out which settings can produce the most results.

To a certain extent, the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” bears some truth. But when it comes to your campaigns, work is never done. If you aren’t constantly making adjustments to your campaigns, you are doing your business a disservice by missing out on a chance to acquire more returns.

Don’t fall victim to these mistakes. If you want to benefit from an optimized Google Ads campaign and enhance the growth of your business, send us a message and we’ll gladly make a customized strategy for your company.


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